Free online calculator service

If you need to calculate something, use the online calculator. It's quite simple: go to and choose the option suitable for you.

The interface familiar from childhood will be displayed. Click the relevant buttons and perform calculations as needed. Everything is as simple and straightforward as possible. Your new virtual assistant is always on hand and you will never lose it. Choose and download the required calculator. Calculators can be used without a stable Internet connection.

The website provides several types of calculators:


It performs simple arithmetic operations (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction), calculates percentages, square roots, has an internal memory. It works in two modes: accounting or mathematical. The mathematical mode enables working with complex mathematical expressions using brackets.

Scientific Calculator

Designed for complex mathematical calculations using various trigonometric functions, for dealing with logarithms, calculating roots, raising to a power. The calculations made can be copied and stored.

Simple Calculator
Nothing extra, the basic functions only: multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Intended for simple calculations. Has a memory for intermediate values.

Root Calculator
Calculates square roots, cube roots, or nth degree roots. The calculations made can be copied and stored.

The service is updated on a regular basis, new calculators and converters are added. The new development is the Percentage Calculator, via which you can:

  • - find out what number is equal to X percent of Y
  • - find out how many percent number X is of Y
  • - add X percent to Y
  • - subtract X percent from Y

The interface is localized for 5 popular languages: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.


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